About the Authors

Sometimes nature conspires in such a way that she only gives half the needed attributes so that people are forced to work together to make a dream come true. Such is the case with the author of ‘Ten Toes Down’; for where you ought to have one, you have two. Asher Conrad is the combination of two people: one with a genius for story construction and the other with the ability to put it all into words. Neither could do it on their own. They met on a sunny day a long time ago in a far, far, away corporate world and knew that together, they had something to say.

Brian is the creative intelligence that took a series of unconnected stories and spun them into a collected tale that allows us to examine our expectations and how they play out in the world around us. In real life he is a call centre executive living in the United States. He continues to allow his life and dreams to carry him wherever his ambition dictates, and is not someone you would ever mess with, even on your best day.

Bettina is the master of the words; taking the essential elements and breathing life and form into the idea. Working from southern Ontario, Canada, with three genius children to grow and feed, she initially agreed to write a book to keep Brian entertained. In doing so she fulfilled a long and quietly held ambition. It doesn’t mean she’s the quiet one. Exploring their passion for good story telling, they discovered a happy creative partnership and continue to write together.

Look for "Daddy Date Night" in 2013.